Currently 6/13/2022 the five silver proof quarters are $19.41 in base value alone. We also carry the original . NEW.

Silver Proof set: 2005 -S "Silver" 11 coin proof set This silver 2005 United States Mint Proof Set, like the 2004, contains 11 coins in all! . The value of a canadian coin depends on several factors such as quality and wear, supply and demand, rarity, finish and more.

No Uncirculated Mint sets or Proof sets were offered from 1965 to 1967 .

We offer US Mint Proof Sets in large quantities from 1950 to Date.

1966 and 1967 Special Mint Sets are contained in hard plastic containers that many numismatists consider . NOTE: $100 minimum.

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Value of silver forms a solid base to how much the set is worth.

U.S. Free postage. 1963 Proof Set PR69 Deep Cameo PCGS.

Sold For: $21,275.

Contents 1 Standard proof sets (1936-present) Date Cent, the 1979 and 1981 Type 2 coins and the Close "AM" Proof Cents from . 2019-S U.S. Mint Silver Proof Set.

. They're collector's pieces in their own right.

ON SALE! Chinese New Year Hologram 150 Dollar Coins.

+ -.

1997 PROOF SET The 1997 Royal Australian Mint six coin proof set showcases Australian circulating coin designs and is minted in a beautiful proof finish.. Mintage levels began at 51,386 for the first year, but rose into the millions as the . The last of.

Price: $499.00. The lack of a price means that I do not know the value, or if the set exists.

We have been in business for over twenty years and do not advertise, thus are able to keep our prices low and pass the savings on to you. Also, click here to Learn About Grading Coins. The 1957 proof set has numismatic value. Buy British Proof Sets & Coins and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! All sets are delivered in the original Mint packaging, except 1950 to 1954 which .

1936 Proof Set PR65 to PR66 PCGS. Toggle search bar. As low as: $484.28.

Based on my estimates, you have $78 in market value.


15 people found .

Proof coins are struck in sharp relief with mirror-like backgrounds and frosted, sculpted foregrounds, giving them a special cameo effect.

You could study grading coins for 10 years, and I doubt you could spot a PR70. Market values are for sets in original mint packaging such as the cellophane flat packs used 1955-1964 and plastic cases introduced in 1968. . Uncirculated coin sets have been issued by the United States Mint since 1947 and have been offered almost every year since then with a few exceptions.. U.S. mint sets have certainly been around a long time, and many are very difficult to find and quite valuable.

Special thanks to the Mint News Blog for their article on proof set melt values and how to properly display them in the table below. What can we help you find? 1950s proof set values vary from year to year as does mintage. Proof & Mint Set Groups Complete Sets; Proof Sets 1950-Date; Uncirculated Mint Sets 1947-Date; Market Summary.

The United States Mint Proof Set, commonly known as the Proof Set in the United States, is a set of proof coins sold by the United States Mint.

We encourage JM Bullion customers to contact us at 800-276-6508 with questions. The Proof Sets are seemingly worth very little as a whole, and the money/opportunity seems to be in finding a PR60 or PR70 among them.

The United States made proof sets from 1936 till 2017.

We carry all the silver proof sets from 1992 - 2020. Golden Eagle is one of the largest dealers in Modern US Proof Sets and Silver Proof Sets.

On the NGC Submission Form, request Law Enforcement Proof Set designation.


1955 Proof Set, Flat Pack PR 150 .

Coin Set Highlights: Coin sets ship to you inside of four-coin display cases! All American Platinum Eagle 4-Coin Proof Sets available to you here today include all four weights available in the Proof Platinum Eagle Series between 1997 and 2008.

Read customer reviews on Proof Set Coins. Featuring Canadian silver dollars, commemorative coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint.


1981 to 1989; 1990 to 2003; 2004 to 2022; Specimen - SP. CART.

8-Coin Set - 2020-S U.S. Limited Edition Silver Proof Coins Set NGC PF70 UC First Day of Issue Trolley Label. 1997 Royal Australian Mint Six Coin Proof Set.

Proof Sets - Price Charts & Coin Values Coin Menu HOME PAGE Encyclopedia US Coin Melt Values Coin Melt Calculators Most Valuable Coins Half Cents 59 Liberty Cap 1 Draped Bust 18 Classic Head 35 Braided Hair 5 Large Cents 464 Flowing Hair Liberty Cap 1 Draped Bust 21 Classic Head 12 Coronet Liberty Head 197 Braided Hair Liberty Head 233 The coins have denominations of $100 (1 oz), $50 (1/2 oz), $25 (1/4 oz), and $10 (1/10 oz). Prestige Proof Sets were offered for the years 1983-1984 and 1986-1997. 99. Coin Value Chart: Typical Coin Prices, Values and Worth in USD based on Grade/Condition.

Sold For: $5,980.00. Random Year ( 1968-2006 ) US Mint Proof Set Gem Coins w/ Box & COA FREE SHIPPING. $51.50. When buying or selling your United States proof sets, make sure all original U.S. Mint packaging, boxes, and original documents and Certificates of Authenticity (COA) are included.

From 1950 through 1955, U.S. proof sets were sold in packages that had individual cellophane packets.

In 1955, the packaging was changed to a new flat pack, which would be used until 1964. 2005 S Legacy Proof Set: 78: 78 0.00%: 81-4.32%: 2006 S Proof - 10 coins: 10: 10 0.00%: 10 0.00%: .

We offer US Mint Proof Sets in large quantities from 1950 to Date. A few years after the event a 'Last of the Lsd' Proof Set dated 1970 was issued. New in 2020! Today's Bargain Price $6.95.

Plus and CAC prices, for the past month and year to date, can be accessed by clicking a date/type within the price charts. Submit search. The United States Mint temporarily halted production of both proof sets and standard mint sets from 1965 through 1967, but in their place were issued so-called "Special Mint Sets" which bear a single coin of each denomination.

Click here to Learn How to use Coin Price Charts.


The 2019 United States Mint Proof Set contains 10 proof coins, each bearing the "S" mint mark of the United States Mint at San Francisco.

^ = Number of "Sets Sold" are included with the number above. AU $10.00.

We are unable to handle smaller lots.

2019-S America's National Park Quarters Clad Proof Set.

2022 PF70 NGC Clad Proof Set with Signed Women in History Quarters . 1964 Silver Proof silver Coin set.

Save $10.00!

Then wait for the more modern sets to drop.

These sets are essentially a reduced version of the regular issue proof sets and the packaging maintained the same blue color scheme, but came in a smaller box and different certificate of authenticity.

The Most Trusted Name in Collecting for Over 25 Years!

Proof/Mint set value calculations use the 2:15 PM PDT silver price for July 01, 2022 : Silver 19.88/oz -0.42. One of the Mint's signature products, it is a great addition to any collection or the perfect gift for a special occasion. Capped Bust, Small Eagle $10 Eagle. Email, Text, or Use This Form To Send Us Your Inventory List or Pictures.

Silver proof set. the old silver . In 1965, the U.S. Mint issued Special Mint Sets that contained just five coins; sets from the first year of the Special Mint Set program are packaged in a cellophane packet similar in appearance and format to the 1955-1964 proof sets.


1968-2009 First 42 Years Proof Sets Complete Set San Francisco Mint.

1996 Mint (Green) / 5 coin $12.00. 2001 S US Mint Proof Set. The first Prestige set was produced in 1983 and included the 1983 Olympic Commemorative Dollar. 4.6 out of 5 stars 152 ratings | 18 answered . Sold Out At Mint. Mint Sets contain Uncirculated coins from .

The Prestige Proof set for that year includes Proof strikes, with an S Mint mark .

2020 PR70 DCAM ANACS American Innovation Dollar 4-Coin Set . 1986 Prestige Proof Set - Statue of Liberty Our Price: $39.95 .

The 1957 proof set contains five different coins, and three of them are 90% silver.


This type of packaging placed the coins in a single cellophane film, with each coin in a separate compartment. Proof Set mintages have expanded greatly since the collector coins were reintroduced by the United States Mint in 1936. .

Each cellophane packet held one coin, and these packets were usually stapled together and shipped to collectors in cardboard boxes. 4.6 out of 5 stars 134. Also, this 1964 proof set contains a silver dime and quarter, along with a proof penny and nickel. We buy all US Mint or World Proof Sets and Specimen Sets. 1986 RAM 7 Coin PROOF SET - IN ORIGINAL RAM .

From 1950 to 1964, annual proof sets were available to collectors containing proof versions of each denomination. 2019-S America's National Park Quarters Silver Proof Set.


Mintage: N/A.

(out of stock) 2010 Special Edition RCNA Proof Set - Canadian Navy, 100th Anniversary (Souvenir Packaging) This item is currently on order. Sold For: $6,900.00.

This is particularly noted during the war years of the 1940s and right up until 1950. Seals and cases contribute to the value of .

Get the best deal for Australian Proof Coin Set from the largest online selection at Browse our daily deals for even more savings!

The first proof American Silver Eagles were released in 1986 with the debut of the series.

904765 Shop . This set includes proof sets for the years 1960 to 1964 and 1968 to 2009. To complete the set is a folded Certificate of Authenticity with conformation of the 90% silver alloy of the proof coins.

PayPal. U.S.

CONTACT US How to Sell? These sets are so desirable, with each coin having intense mirror surfaces. Products: ( 1 - 19 of 19 ) Government-sealed Mint & Proof Set gifts feature the finest coins produced each year by the U.S. Mint.

1963 Proof Set PR69 Deep Cameo PCGS.

Enroll Now Price $1 - $50 $50 - $100 $100 to $250 Metal Type Clad Silver Finish

This could increase the cost and value of the mint 2019 proof set just because of the one-dollar coin value alone.

We also carry the original Early Proof Set (1936-1942).

Proof. I think that you did ok at $70. First 42 Years of S-Mint Proof Sets: 1968 - 2009 First 42 Years of S-Mint Proof Sets: 1968 - 2009 Pricing $ Rating.

Sets price guide and values. 2016-S U.S. Mint Presidential Dollar Proof Set.

The Proof Franklin Half Dollar: Date by Date. These annual coin sets offer great value as both collectors items and gifts.

Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Issued between 1997 and 2008!

Select 'No Frames' to view our printer friendly version. The 2008 prices are Royal Mint issue prices. Values of Proof Sets .

O think yhe 1992 set is a bit low, too.

Listed separately in the NGC Census. Please note that the value of gold has risen significantly since 2007. APMEX offers a superb selection of U.S.

FREE U.S. 1951 US Mint Silver Proof Set - 5 pc Box Set (Silver Half, Silver Quarter, Silver Dime, Nickel and Penny) - Exceptional Proof Coins - Early Year - Original Box. The sets will not include loose coins, and they'll often . They've already depreciated to s price close to melt and are always popular. But the first proof sets were sold 1858 by the US Mint.

Top 10 Most Valuable US Silver Proof Sets By Date.

Proof sets are a popular choice for any coin enthusiast.

1936 Proof Set PR65 to PR66 PCGS. .

A temporary peak would be reached in 1964 when nearly 4 million sets were produced and sold. We carry some hard to find Silver Proof Coin sets and . Sold For: $13,800.

Our Price: $169.95. Silver Proof Sets are on sale today at U.S.S.Q.

The proof sets from 1950 to 1955 were packaged in individual cellophane slips, stapled together at the top, and placed into a cardboard box. Learn more; NEGRO LEAGUES PROOF SET (2022) Contains one 2022-S Proof Half Dollar, one 2022-P Proof Silver Dollar and one 2022-W Proof $5 gold coin. $44.95.

(out of stock) 2009 Flight in Canada, 100th Anniversary - Proof Set Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days. $137.00. Specifications. It's especially challenging to locate uncirculated mint sets from the late 1940s through early 1960s that are still totally . PCGS The Standard for the Rare Coin Industry. On the obverse is a depiction of the Statue of Liberty. Read more.

GS2: 2 coin set (usually sovereign & half sovereign) GS3: 3 coin set (usually 2 to half sovereign) GS4: 4 coin set (usually 5 to half sovereign) * = See the section above "Key Dates, Rarities, and Varieties" for more information on these coins. Instead, this set includes mint sets for the years 1965, 1966 and 1967. Over time the average coin values based upon current market conditions have fluctuated very little. 2019-S America's National Park Quarters Clad Proof Set. US Proof & Mint Sets Mint Sets (1947 to Date) Auction Prices Population Shop at: APMEX David Lawrence L&C Coins eBay Prices in USD Change Prices are for sets in undamaged, original U.S. Mint packaging. Great Canadian Explorers 200 Dollar Coins; Historical Trade Series .

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1965 Special Mint Set Information. 1990 Prestige Proof Set - The Eisenhower Dollar . $120.00.

In 1950 proof coin sets were again made and they have been made every year since then.

Based on my estimates, you have $78 in market value. 2008 4-Coin Presidential Proof Set and Package | Value: $11.60 1980-S Proof Set U.S. Mint Original Government Packaging OGP Collectible. 1954 to 1964; 1965 to 1989; 1990 to 2003; 2003 to 2022; Proof Sets - PR. Proof sets also were on hiatus during the years of 1965-1967, when the U.S. Mint was nursing a coin shortage crises and assembled Special Mint Sets, which are sets of coins which possess a "proof-like" finish but clearly lack the quality of the proof coins from earlier or later years.

During 1955, packaging methods for proof sets changed dramatically. # = Uncirculated Mint Sets were not sold in 1982 and 1983 by mail. Here are my thoughts on your purchase: 1986 Prestige Proof Set / 7 coin $26.00. 10. Choose your mint year from these United States Proof Sets. Sold For: $5,980.00.

Description: Silver Oz: Silver Value: Other FV: Total Value: Low Auctions: 1950-1964 Proof Set: 0.61487:

The U.S. Mint has produced gorgeous Proof Sets since 1936.

The product was discontinued after 1997, but made a comeback .

Such examples are in the distinct minority and command significant premiums.

This United States government mint proof 5 coin set contains the1st Kennedy Half dollar (made of 90% purity of solid silver).

During the Coronation Year of Elizabeth II a proof set was issued in a maroon leatherette case, but no more were issued until the change to decimal coinage in 1971.

3 5.0 2 (2) Note: Only 4 left. Each year, the U.S. Mint creates a special edition of every coin in circulation.


1983 US Proof Set Sell and buy your US Proof Sets at Values of US Proof Sets The value is approx. Check out why our silver sets are the best value online.

1987 10c Australian Superb Lyrebird Ten Cent coin from Proof Year Set RARE UNC. Proof sets are a popular choice for any coin enthusiast. Values Domestic; $35000.

$ 5.67. Credit Cards.

The result is a series of coins legendary for their sharp relief, mirror-like, polished field and frosted feature elements.

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1954: $450. - = These sets are still being sold by the U.S. Mint and/or data is not available.

In 1971, another rare no-S variety unfolded on the Jefferson nickel; a 1971 no-S proof Jefferson. 1964 1C Special Mint Set MS65-68 PCGS.



. United States Mint 50 State Quarters Proof Set.

1999-2009 Proof State Quarters in Original Gov. . Type: Proof Set Year: 1957 Number of Coins: 5 Face Value: $0.91 Issue Price: $2.10 Silver Weight:.61488 oz.

Brand: US Mint.

This special complimentary coin is packaged separately in clear United States Mint plastic wrap and inserted into an envelope.

Your total sell must be $100 or more.

2018-S America's National Park Quarters Clad Proof Set.

Skip to content. Proof sets from the decade containing high-quality or cameo specimens usually attract a premium over the prices listed here. Sold For: $21,275. $2.50.

First 42 Years of S-Mint Proof Sets 1968 - 2009 & 3 Special Mint Sets First 42 Years of S-Mint Proof Sets 1968 - 2009 & 3 Special Mint Sets Pricing $ 899.95. or 3 payments of $299.98.

proof sets!

After beginning at the low level of just 3,837, production levels spiraled higher in subsequent years as demand for the product expanded.

Top 10 Most Valuable US Silver Proof Sets By Date. All coin items considered for return must be in their original condition as sold. If you want silver at low prices, look at the 1959-1964 proof sets. and are still worth the same.

Find the current Proof Sets values by year, coin varieties, and specific grade.

There are three different 1999 Silver Proof Set Values, depending on the set: 9-Coin Set $9.95 5-Coin Quarter Set $5.34 Silver 9-Coin Set $92.80 The connection to the 50-State Quarters program is a big reason for the popularity of the 1999 Silver Proof Set.

Our Price: $249.95.

Bears a total face value of $195 (USD) backed by the federal government. The U.S. Mint made proof sets from 1936 through today. Pkging .

They are packaged in cellophane and sold with a small collector premium. These early modern era proof sets are worth over $5,000 for the 1936 set to about $1000 for the 1942 set.

Proof Sets.

2005. Click the CONTACT US button below to tell us what you have. Dating back to 1955 these sets of coins with their packaging protect and preserve the special "proof" qualities imparted to the surface of the coins.

$399.99 $ 399. I think that you did ok at $70.

Our Price: $104.95.

Here are my thoughts on your purchase: 1986 Prestige Proof Set / 7 coin $26.00. Email: | Phone: 800-622-5680 | Text: 720-600-4740.

Please note there are different types of some years that are worth considerably more. 2018-S America's National Park Quarters Silver Proof Set. New in 2019!

1999 State Quarter Proof Set.

1996 Mint (Green) / 5 coin $12.00. The commemorative was of the Discus Thrower and was made of 90% silver. The 2004 and 2008 are the only ones with high residual value, but 1970, 1979, and 1981 sets all are known for errors, so you have a chance to score there. $7.71. Check them out here.

1968-2009 First 42 Years Proof Sets Complete Set San Francisco Mint . 1999 - 2009 State Quarter Proof Sets with Collector Box.

From 1965 to 1967, the United States Mint did not distribute proof sets.

1994 Silver Proof / 5 coin $20.00. 1937 Proof Set PR65 to PR68 NGC.

Premium Coin: The 2020 United States Mint Proof Set is accompanied by a special 2020 Jefferson nickel with a proof finish struck at the West Point Mint with a "W" mint mark.


All pre-1965 proof sets in clean, original packaging generally trade at higher levels than for proof sets that have been assembled in aftermarket holders.

Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items!

Uncirculated Mint Sets represent an easy way to own each coin in circulation for any given year. Coins Guide . Keep reading to learn more about this collectible set.

Our Price: $114.95. Availability: IN STOCK. Each set included the proof version of the one of the year's half dollars and/or silver dollars, along with the proof Kennedy Half Dollar, Washington Quarter, Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel, and Lincoln Cent. $ 5.50.

Proof sets with spotted coins tend to sell for .

This coin was the first 90% silver dollar produced . the average price with which US dealers sell these coins.

Mintage: 2,360,000 Coins Per Set: 5 Face Value: $0.91 Original Issue Price: $4.00

Sold For: $6,900.00.

2006 to 2010. . Easy to find and typically affordable, our vast collection of Proof sets dates back to the 1930s and includes most years to date. 1937 Proof Set PR65 to PR68 NGC.

Note: Chart is an average of retail listings.

There is an additional fee of $5 per coin for this set . Proof sets from 1950-1955 still in original boxes are becoming rare. 1994 Silver Proof / 5 coin $20.00.

They were included in proof sets and struck in all years except 2009, when a planchet shortage reportedly upended production of all non-bullion silver eagle coinage.

The coins are made from special rounds, using special dies and an exclusive minting process that involves multiple strikes. The planchet rollers were highly polished and chrome-plated, and the dies were polished to achieve the greatest level of finish.

With regards to special mint set coins, collectors pay particular interest to any coins which display cameo contrast.

IN STOCK. Values of Modern US Proof Sets since 1936 Modern US Proof Sets are issued since 1936.

The list below shows typical values for the hot sets: 1953: $760 US dollars. Add To Cart.

Consists of four individual Proof Platinum American Eagles with .9995 fine platinum.

8-Coin Set - 2020-S U.S. Limited Edition Silver Proof Coins Set NGC PF70 UC First Release Trolley Label.

APMEX offers a superb selection of Proof sets, dating from 1936 to the present. 2018-S U.S. Mint Silver Proof Set. THe majority here couldn't, including myself.

200 Dollar.

Find the current Proof Sets values by year, coin varieties, and specific grade. .

Sold For: $13,800.